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• Children nature project on Facebook»

Pay a visit to Thor Hjarsen's project "Natur&Fællesskab" for Save the Children Denmark (2006-today).


• "Keep the balance" - an environmental newspaper for Greenlandic youth»

In 2005 EcoAdvise produced a newspaper and large wall poster for Greenlandic high schools on sustainability and climatic change - get the PDFs here (newspaper and poster).

EcoAdvise & Communication focus on nature tourism, biological and ecological awareness rising and childrens ecological education in Denmark and abroad.


EcoAdvise & Communication has experience with biological consultancies on wildlife management, field work and campaign planning, with emphasis on Europe, the Arctic and Latinamerica.

(School children reading

Thor Hjarsen's biology text book. Greenland, 2008)


EcoAdvise is a one-man biological consultancy firm based in Denmark. EcoAdvise was founded in 2001 by biologist and certified ranger Thor Hjarsen. 


Services from EcoAdvise include:


Development and writing of biological and ecological educational materials for children and youth, e.g. textbooks, posters, leaflets, web site texts.


Biological and wildlife management assessment and evaluations based on both field and desk studies in relation to implementation of international environmental conventions, ecological sustainability of national wildlife management and legislation, etc.


Planning, coordination and implementaion of awareness campaigns and policy making initiatives within the areas of wildlife and ecological issues, e.g. using media and internet. 


Nature tourism and expedition guiding focusing on the Arctic and Latin American regions on a freelance basis for organised travel agents and cruise ship operators. 


Nature and landscape photo library from especially Scandinavia, Greenland, Svalbard, Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador incl. the Galapagos Islands. See examples here. Please mail for further details.


Previous and current clients include: WWF Denmark, The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, The Humane Society, national and local media, Albatros Travel, Oceanwide Expeditions, Traffic Europe, Greenland Homerule Government, etc.


Today, Thor Hjarsen is fulltime employed by Save the Children Denmark and is available for limited freelance assignments.




Further information:

EcoAdvise & Communication

Thor Hjarsen

+ 45 4090 4666

• Commentary on Greenlandic hunting»

Read Thor Hjarsen's commentary (Jan 2011) in the Danish daily Information here


(Peru, 2011)

Thor Hjarsen holds a Master of Science in Conservation Biology from University of Copenhagen (1997). During his Master he did 6 months of field work in the Bolivian Andes. The question was how to integrate local, rural land-use with conservation of high-altitiude woodlands and biodiversity (see DIVA report here). 

Following this, Thor took up a position with the Danish National Forest and Nature Agency, Ministry of Environment, were he worked with EU and international relations incl. conventions.

In 1999, he went to Greenland and worked two years for the Homerule with wildlife management and development of a new bird hunting legislation, in addition to implementation of international conventions and agreements (CITES, Ramsar, CAFF, etc.).

Back in Denmark, Thor spend the next 4-5 years developing education materials, campaign implementation for international NGO's, in addition to biological assessments and tourism.

In 2006, Thor took up his current position as project manager at Save the Children Denmark. Here he is responsible for a nature awareness project for socially disadvantaged children and families in Denmark.  


Read Thor's full CV here.


• EcoAdvise reports for WWF Denmark»

Read about the status of Greenlandic wildlife in these appraisal reports made for WWF Denmark (2003 and 2005).


• Thor Hjarsen co-author of biodiversity report»

Field report on bird diversity, vegetation structyre and integrated land-use in the Bolivian Andes made by Thor Hjarsen. © 2012